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4-й Международный Фестиваль БИ, 22-30 Января 2005

с 22 января, 2005, суббота по 30 января, 2005, воскресенье

4-th Japanese-Chinese Martial Arts International Friendship Demonstration, 05" is held at Machida City Hall on 23 January 2005.We invited Prof. Lin Jianhua Sensei of Xiamen University in Fujian Province, and Zhang Kejian and his wife Zhao Guoqin Sensei, professor and vice Prof. of Wuhan University in Hebei Province, China.

Until today, Sugawara Martial Arts Institute (SMAI) have been continued it as "Japanese-Chinese Martial Arts Friendship Demonstration" every two years from 1998, however we changed this name to the above mentioned title and to invited all our friends from other dojo in USA, Spain, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines and Burgalia.

This festival have some special meanings:
1. The Presentation of Diploma concerning to the Healthy Style Martial ArtsBy the reason of Xing Yanling's teaching subject have been over 40, SMAI recommend her to give a Certificate (Diploma) to the student who mastered such subject. This diploma is presented by Xing Yanling, Lin Jianhua, Zhang Kejian, Chen Nairian Raoshi (Sensei) who are SMAI's special instructor.SMAI also present Kaotori Shinto Ryu Mokuroku and Kyoshi license to the students who level up to this rank.
2. Combination of Japanese and Chinese martial artsTetsutaka Sugawara created Morihei Ueshiba Original style-Aikido-Taijigong 42 two years ago, single practice style, and Kaeshiwaza Tairen (counteractive training), partner practice style in this year. I hope to use my teacher's name "Morihei Ueshiba" for this title, I will to ask that to Moriteru Ueshiba, current doshu.
3. Katori Shinto Ryu First International Meeting and exchange trainingThis meeting will be held at Sagamihara Budo Gakuen, a branch dojo, at 2 PM on 22 Sat.
The theme:
(1) Introduction of katori instructor, Mokuroku holder and students.
(2) The situation of each country.
(3) Confirmation of how to popuralizing Katori spirit and techniques as a cultural asset of Japan.
(4) Decision of the partner for katori demonstration on the stage.
(5) Exchange training of katori and aikido at Sagamihara Budo Gakuen.
Special training and JAZZ party after Festival:
Katori : Jan 24 Mon: 10:00 morning to 12:00 at Sugawara Sensei's Dojo.
Katori: Jan 25 Tue: 10:00 morning to 12:00 at Sugawara Sensei's Dojo.

Sugawara Dojo special JAZZ live party at "Modern Jazz Q" near the dojo. (This is a special plan for enjoy Japan. Please bring California wine, Spanish wine and Japanese Liqueur, Osake to this party)

Sightseeing: Jan 26
Katori : Jan 27 Thu : 10:00 morning to 12:00 at Sugawara Sensei's Dojo.
Katori: Jan 27 Thu : 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM at Sugawara Sensei's Dojo.
Aikido: Jan 29 Sat: 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM at Sagamihara Budo Gakuen.
katori: Jan 30 Sun : 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Tadao Middle school.

Chinese Martial Arts Seminar:
(1) Prof. Lin Jianhua : Morning class: Jan 30 : 10:00 AM to 12:30 at Tadao Middle school, Kakugishitsu.
Healthy style Xingyeequan (This form was approved in this year as a Special Physical Form by China National Comittee of Physical Department)

(2) Prof. Zhang Kejian : Afternoon class: Jan 30 : 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM at Tadao Middle school, Kakugishitsu.
Pienkan (Chinese Jo) technique). (Or sword technique, Sunshi Taijiqua, Baqua, Piqua, fanzhequan, etc.)

Welcome all katori/aikido enthusiasist to this seminar for your Katori and aikido level up. If you have any question, please let me know.Sincerely yours,

Tetsutaka Sugawara,
Sugawara Sogo Budo Kenkyusho (Sugawara Martial Arts Institute)

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